La Tana park and swimming pool

Location: Chianti Fiorentino

Renovated: 2010/2014

Commissioned by: Privata

The renovation of the former farmhouse, now used as a holiday home by the family owners, culminated in the creation of a swimming pool and a park in close symbiosis with the surrounding landscape.  The garden is characterized by paths that run along the existing dry stone walls, typical of the Chianti region, paced by resting areas with panoramic views on the valley below.

Framed by a thick grove of cypresses and holm oaks, the garden was designed entirely with white monochromatic elements. The swimming pool, seamlessly integrated to the farmyard old stone paving, is reminiscent of the old reclaimed washtub upstream of the garden. The natural herbs lawn “in blossom” completes the overall suggestive area.