Cabreo Village and Pool

Commissioned by: Privata

Borgo del Cabreo is named after the fine and renowned wine produced by the Folonari Estates and to the splendid vineyards all around the farmhouse. The restoration of the old hamlet, which once was the home of the farm workers, began in 2014, with the renovation of the four abandoned buildings.  The entire project was carried out by a series of conservative and architectural restoration works with particular attention to the intrinsic characteristics of the buildings, rediscovering and enhancing specific building traits reminiscent of their purpose of use as “farmhouses”. The architectural layout of the two main dwellings has been preserved as well as the original vertical connections between floors and the spaces formerly used as living quarters, repurposed as lounge and event areas. The other rooms have become bedrooms with private bathrooms.

The larger former barn was transformed into a single living unit loft, the smaller barn is used for ancillary services for the breakfast area, the lounge area and appurtenance service of the large swimming pool in the courtyard. The rectangular pool is located on the South-West wing of the property, on an existing terracing with a view of the ancient medieval village of Montefioralle. Framed by natural stone, it completes the spaces dedicated to the guests with a large green area complementary to the designed garden that extends over the entire area of the estate. The garden plant variety is typically Tuscan, with private garden niches exclusive to each individual flat, to be enjoyed by guests in complete privacy. In addition to the parking areas, open common spaces include a didactic vegetable garden where most of the breakfast vegetable and herbs are grown.