La Casina di Gagliole

Location: Panzano in Chianti

Project: Restauro

This complex called the “Casina” or “little house,” is a former rural agglomerate which today functions as an agri-tourism. It further enhances the Gagliole company’s dedication to hospitality which had begun in the La Valletta estate in Panzano in Chianti. Originally situated along the road near Castagnoli, as a result of the closure of this road, the estate has earned the characteristic of a small village.

The farm house and its annex are situated on the border of the private courtyard and are equipped with a private swimming pool for exclusive use. The estate is surrounded on the North by an ancient wood of Holm Oak and Cypress trees which were wisely landscaped to open a window onto the hillside with the Tower of San Gimignano in sight. The garden, built around the old farmyard, completes the relaxation area for the guests