La Terrazza restaurant

Location: Greve in Chianti

Renovated: 2010/2014

Commissioned by: “La Terrazza “ di L. Gasperini

Located in the pivotally central square of Greve in Chianti, the inn, built in subsequent years, has repurposed the commercial spaces of its ground floor and the residential quarters on the first floor of this eighteenth-century building. The latest project has thus provided an open space overlooking one of Tuscany’s most characteristic squares.

The renovation recovers and enhances the existing terrace, establishing a continuity between past and present architectural styles, and the area underneath the terrace has the typical characteristics of a trattoria.  The restoration of the frescoes in the hall on the first floor, the ceilings on the ground floor and, last but not least, the important repurposing of the stone cellar trace back the phases of the historical transformation of the building.