“Castello di Verrazzano” winery

Location: Greve in Chianti

Renovated: 1989

Commissioned by: Fattoria “Castello di Verrazzano”

The fifteenth-century Villa built over medieval remains has been fully renovated and is the owner-winemaker’s home.

The aging cellar was built by careful restauration of the decommissioned area beneath the ancient castle. The old rooms, carved entirely into the hillside, underwent careful restoration and preservation works. Materials were especially selected to match the quality as well as the era of original artifacts, under the strict supervision of the Sovrintendenza ai Monumenti di Firenze (Superintendence of Monuments in Florence), as the entire historical building complex has been listed under Law 1089.

The natural rooms ventilation was reinstated with the renovation works and it guarantees optimal temperature control and relative humidity with no need for climate control technology.