Villa R. B.

Location: Chianti Fiorentino

Realization: New construction

Realization: 2005/2007

Commissioned by: Private

Located on a hill overlooking the municipality of Montelupo Fiorentino, this house was structured according to the typical architectural layout of a Tuscan villa. Cocooned in a “designed” garden with access from a large entrance in the stone wall, the only concession to its surrounding rural landscape. Structured as an open floor plan with an enclosed courtyard, the house comprises two floors above ground and a basement. The tower, housing the master bedroom, is characterized by a mullioned window that frames the view of Mount Albano.

The living room extends over a broad terrace in to the back of the house through wide entryways. The handmade, polished terracotta tiles, the Proven├žal-style kitchen, the wood-burning oven in the adjoining porch give a contemporary feel to the building, whose classical tones are complemented by accurate selection of furnishings by the owner under the guidance of Interior Designer Ilaria Balestrero.